The malignancy that pervades a blighted Britain


Ken Livingstone

There is something very unsavoury about those elected to civic office in the UK and Europe who use that public platform to spread their contempt for the Jews and then when confronted with charges of anti-Semitism become offended.  Their beef, they explain, as some half-cocked apology, is not with the Jews but with the Zionists and as if to endorse the statement, they proceed to Israel-bashing, that convenient scapegoat that must absorb all blame for the evils of the world. And yes, I am writing of my total abhorrence not only at comments made by the unsavoury lefty left UK Jew-baiters and haters but of the sheer lunacy of the British people to accept this outrageous effrontery. The Labour party, traditionally a friend to Israel, has been hijacked by the hijab.  Harold Wilson would turn in his grave.

Harold Wilson


Time was when the British working classes took to boycotts and pickets to protect their pay-packets and privileges. Back in the day, the miners went on strike for the miners and hard-line trade unionists cared far less about some tiny, far-flung fledgeling Jewish State than they did about protecting their jobs.  The issue was having enough dough to put bread on the table at the end of a long day down the mines. It was all about jobs and fair play and milk for the schoolkids. Time was when foreign policy was all about protecting the interests of the UK to the benefit of the UK.

IslamicRepublicOfBritainNot anymore. In a bid to be a multicultural beacon, Blighty  (Great Britain) all but invites Islamic seeds to take root and grow and flourish in British soil. As a fast spreading weed, it strangles tender plants in its wake. It’s now a case of the soon-to-become minority of right-minded folk having to put up and shut up if it wants to survive in this last bastion of the empire that free falls into the abyss of political correctness. A bizarre identity with Islamization is the new political tool of lefty left MPs who use it to appease local constituents as they set out their ‘new world order’ telling their minions what they want to hear.

The British Jew, traditionally hard working, patriotic to Queen and country and religiously and spiritually connected to the State of Israel once again finds himself a target for scorn. Anti-Semitism, once exclusively the domain of the politically incorrect, is endorsed by a haphazard collective of intellectually contorted extremists forming a coalition of hatred that feeds off the idiosyncrasies of the other. This unholy collective focusses on the Jewish State, the State of Israel. And by doing so, they gain legitimacy because it is OK to criticise a country. It is a democratic human right that one enjoys when living in the West – freedom of speech. In short, demonising Israel is the more politically correct form of anti-Semitism these days.

13083343_10210150728471497_6607443144213802397_nHuman rights? Interestingly, many of those who engage in zealous criticism of Israel hail from countries where human rights do not exist, where repression rules and freedom of speech comes with the death penalty.  The likes of George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and yes, even the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, flagrantly wield a patently anti-Jewish agenda.   They share the same malignancy and happily stand on the same stage with those who screech ‘death to Israel’ and ‘free Palestine’ alongside white supremacy groups, neo-Nazis sporting Swastikas and the dubious self-hating Jew – she who pours scorn against the very holy land, Israel, towards which she faces when she prays in the synagogue. This slapdash collective spew revulsion on Israel from the capitals of Europe and find friends in high office who condone their actions because they are united under the veil of ‘it is OK to criticise a country.’  

whose-law-members-of-islam4uk-leave-a-london-press-conference-in-januaryWhen opinion is skewed by ignorance, when loyalties are greased by a well-oiled Pallywood propaganda machine and when informed and credible facts fall on deaf ears, as they so often do, it is no wonder that London has become Londonistan as Melanie Phillips most prophetically named it some ten years ago, in her book of the same name wherein she evidenced that radical Islamic demands are being appeased by multiculturalism rather than challenged by common sense. Londonistan, Paristan and all the other Europanistans are just one heartbeat away from the next big terrorist attack and yet, the greatest ally of the free world in this war on terror is lambasted because she is the State of Israel – the Jewish State.

The State of Israel puts the security of its citizens above all and does it in the most humane way possible given the daily, hourly, minute by minute knife-wielding walking threats that pervade its peace. I would think that this is a policy to be envied not held in contempt.

It begs the question, is the rabid anti-Israel stance a symptom of the malignancy that pervades a blighted Britain?




We are the people

We are the people; the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that the haters, the anti-Semites and the anti-Zionists refuse to acknowledge. We are the people whose integrity, whose values, whose right to be is called into question by those who, for reasons unfathomable and ominous, choose to point a bloody finger. We are the people who, surrounded by sworn enemies, refuse to be intimidated.

Flags good1

We are the people who live by the Talmudic teaching: ‘for whoever destroys a soul, it is as if he destroyed an entire world, and whoever saves a life, it is as if he saved an entire world.’ Yet we, in honouring our own basic human right to survive are compelled to fight the war on terror on two fronts, here in Israel and on the world’s stage.


We are the people for whom Tikkun Olam (healing the world) is a prerequisite. We teach our children to respect the other and the world around us. We are the people whose army operates by a code of conduct that demands purity of arms and an unprecedented level of humanitarianism in our defence while facing an enemy that thrusts its women and children in the line of fire, that goads and taunts. We, who must rise above and beyond the call of duty, refuse to be defined by the warped perceptions of the inciteful and the incited and those deceived ones who would do us harm.
We are the people who when mourning our dead also mourn the casualties of our adversaries. We are the people who, no matter how committed or otherwise we are in our faith, will ask forgiveness from God even when we are not at fault.

We are the people who, when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, are first on the front lines, mobilising medical, search and rescue squads and post-trauma experts to repair the shattered lives of devastated populations delivering them from catastrophe to reconstruction and rehabilitation. Whether it be famine in Kenya, outbreaks of Ebola in Sierra Leonie, typhoons in the Philippines, earthquakes in Japan, tornadoes in the USA, it is we who will dig deeper and delve further in order to save a life, even the lives of sworn enemies who pray for our demise.

We are the people who speak the universal language of healing, of caring. Since December 2013, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have medically treated more than 2,000 Syrian casualties of the Syrian civil war, many of them women and children, and sent them to Israeli hospitals for further care. When dehydrated refugees looking for safe haven from the Syrian battle ground landed on the shores of Greece, it was a team of volunteer Israeli medics that came to their aid. As Former Israeli President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres said, “We are all human beings. Who can be indifferent to the sight of this horrible massacre, the sight of children in small coffins, and of screaming mothers?” Medical assistance to Syrian civil war casualties, the IDF says, is a humanitarian initiative.

We are the people who, despite suffering a daily onslaught of indiscriminate car ramming, shootings and knife attacks, persist in saving the lives of babies and children with life-threatening heart defects from Gaza to Tanzania. Children and their families from developing countries as well those from Syria, Iraq, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Romania are brought to Israel for life-saving surgery by top paediatric surgeons regardless of religion, race or creed. Israel, in her humanitarian mission, does not discriminate.

We are the people who have little choice but to abide the slander, to deflect the poison pen arrows and victimisation of our people with diplomacy and good deeds, lest we offend the meek critic.  The world watches us and waits to trip us up. Erroneously  described by a former French Ambassador to the UK (Daniel Bernard) as, ‘Israel, that shitty little country,’ we are more inclined to be defined by the great Greek philosopher Plato when he coined the prophetic  phrase, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’  Israel, so poor in natural resources, has had no option but to pool its brainpower in order to survive and thrive and to support those who need our help, because we are committed to salvation.

We are the people who deliver. From ground-breaking irrigation and water purification processes to agricultural advancement, from life-saving cures to terror-busting cyber security and from technological and scientific breakthroughs to ecological and life-enhancing inventions, we lead where others follow. Many millions of people around the world owe a debt of gratitude to that uniquely Israeli chutzpah that compels us to push the boundaries of discovery to new frontiers and to share it, loudly and proudly, with a world that needs Israel more than it cares to admit.

We are the people, the citizens of the glorious yet tiny State of Israel – one of the smallest nations on the planet. Half her area is desert and only 20% is arable, and so it is that we, the people have replaced the mantra, ‘location, location, location’ with a far more fitting description:’ innovation, innovation, innovation.’

And thus, we the people of the State of Israel ask you, beg you, the people of the rest of the world not to define us with ridiculously ill-fitting and ill-willed labels as you often do. In this tiny strip of a country, we unite as a force for good to heal the world. Ours is a positive, life-enhancing, life-saving contribution. We are the people who believe in saving the world. Let us be defined for that.

We are the people. Am Israel Chai