Occupier Barbie and the Jewish Jezebel

Well said. I totally agree!

Roro's Rantings

I am a firm believer of the tome, “promote what you love, do not bash what you hate”. It is with this philosophy in mind that I approach Israel advocacy and my social media activity. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea or approach but I honestly prefer wherever possible, to take a more positive angle.


Social media is fabulous. Most of us are active on Facebook or Twitter or whatever medium you like to connect with your friends and family or share copious amounts of cat videos. I have found Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be excellent tools not just to educate people about Israel or show a side to the country that many are not aware of but also to create community. My tribe, if you will.

Most of us who are active in this field have a following who enjoy what we post or engage in…

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Tricia Schwitzer

What you see and what you read is what you get, says Tricia. Expat Anglo living in Tel Aviv with her lovely Israeli husband (now there's a novel in the making) and their two naughty black cats. She made Aliya on 9/11 - the date she shares with another life-changing though far more tragic event. In her pre-Aliya days, she was a company director and procurement, sourcing and marketing professional, and catalogue product editor. Long distance mum to grown up (debatable at times) Ric and Nic, Tricia often travels to Manchester for a good old dose of stress and a quick nip round Marks and Sparks. Formerly an assistant editor of the organisation mag, and deputy chairperson of two divisions, Tricia, a pro-active executive member, now holds the portfolio for special projects in the office of the chairperson of World WIZO, the international Zionist women's organisation whose focus is the betterment of Israeli society. She produces a newsletter, marketing material and content for social media sites. She is staunchly Zionist, totally honest, somewhat irreligious and highly principled. Some may say she is politically incorrect, but Tricia believes in fairness and transparency and adheres to the 'do as you would be done by' rule of thumb.

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